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Flarina (Flare + Aria) - cover

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Flarina (Flare + Aria) - cover

Flarina (Flare + Aria) - cover

Meet the Galatic Fairy Bed Cover: the perfect cover for your bed. Drift away into a magical land of stars and galaxies with this breath-taking bed cover. With beautiful shades of iridescent pink, creamy white and shimmering blue, this cover is the perfect way to add cozy vibes to your bedroom. The soft and luxurious fabric is perfect for snuggling up in and the bold design looks sensational anywhere! Try the Galatic Fairy Bed Cover for a dreamy nighttime experience. #bohobedsheets #iridescent #galaticfairy #luxuriesleep #magicaldreams #boldsensations #bagsosnuggles #shimmeringstar #moonlightglow #galacticallycute #hempking

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