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Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin (1699–1779) canvas

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Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin (1699–1779) canvas

Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin (1699–1779) canvas

This incredible giclee canvas of digital art features two icons: Kobe Bryant and Gina. Bright and colorful, this beautiful canvas will bring life and energy to the room. It tells an amazing story about two iconic individuals who have achieved great feats, transcending the gym and the court and becoming global advocates of success and passion. Perfect for home or office, Kobe and Gina's legacy will live on in the hearts of many and this canvas will make a great addition to any fan's wall. #kobebryant #gina #legends #digitalart #canvas #sportsicons #basketballicons #mambamentality #iconic #kobegina #artwork

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